Aadhar Card Verification: Verify Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number & Email Online

People want to know the process of aadhar card verification. The government has made the UID card necessary for many government schemes. If you need to open bank account or get any service like LPG connection, then adhar card is a must document. The government of India has made such necessary rules. Hence, in the wake of these rules, everyone is searching for different things about aadhar card. Many people are also wondering how to verify the aadhar card number, mobile number and email. So we published this article to discuss about it. So read further to know all the details.

Adhar cad number:

An adhar card number is a 12 digit number. The UIDAI is the organization which issues the number to the individual.

Today almost all the Indian citizens have aadhaar card with them. People can get government subsidies in their bank account.

Hence, it is necessary to link the card with the bank account. We have provided all the details to link the account.

It is essential to verify your mobile number and email registered with the UID card. Otherwise you cannot enjoy the benefits for the card.

So read this article properly to know all the details. First you need your aadhar card number for this. Check your article here to get lost aadhaar card number.

UIDAI website for verification:

The 12 digit adhar number is used in many places. So if you want to verify the details of the number you can do it for free.

However, this does not provide all the details of the card holder. If you are expecting to get all the demographic information of the citizen through adhar card number then it is not possible.

The government respects the privacy of the citizens. Hence, it does not show all the data when you put the number for verification.

The UIDAI portal verifies only the gender and age of the adhar card holder. This will be enough to check if the number is authentic or not.

So now you know what you can verify using the aadhaar number. We have shared the steps for doing so below.

How to verify aadhar card number:

The easiest way to verify aadhaar number of UID card is by the official UIDAI website. Follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the official website uidai.gov.in.
  • Now search for the “Verify Aadhaar Number” link.
  • Click on this link and go to the next page.
  • Now enter the 12 digit UIDAI number that you want to verify.
  • Next enter the security code as shown in the image.
  • Finally, click on the “Verify” button.

aadhar card verification

Now the screen will display the result. If the number is authentic, then you will get the age and gender of the person. If the number is invalid you will get an error message.

Direct Link

Mobile number/ Email Verification:

Did you register or updated your email or phone number in the adhar card? If you are not sure if the details have been updated, you can verify it online anytime.

UIDAI has provided means to very email and mobile number registered with the aadhaar card.

This is a useful tool if you are not sure which number or email is registered. So check the steps below to know how to verify it.

  • Visit the official UIDAI website as mentioned above.
  • Search for the “Verify Email/mobile number link”.
  • Next, enter the Adhar Card Number.
  • Enter your email or mobile number after that.
  • Next, click on “Get OTP”.
  • Now check the OTP and enter it.
  • Finally, click on “Verify”.

aadhaar card verification

Direct Link

If the number or email is registered, it will display success message. You will get error message if the email or number does not match the records.

The update might not be complete so you can check the adhar update status here. If you think you need to update your contact details again, follow our guide.

Aadhar Card Verification:

Hope this article was helpful. If you have any doubt or question please ask us. We have a comment section below just for this.

If your card is updated, you can read the instruction to download aadhaar card here. We have other article also.

If you like this, bookmark the website for future reference or question related to aadhar card verification.

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