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Aadhar Card Registration: A lot of people are searching for the Aadhar Card Application form. Here we will tell how to apply for aadhar card. It is really simple to get online aadhar card. So complete the aadhaar online registration process and get your UID Card now. So we will help you get started with the aadhar card appointment online form here.

There are few things you need before aadhar registration. Before discussing that, we will see what the use of the UIDAI Card is. Please note that we provide only information here. To apply for online aadhar card, you have to visit the official website.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is the government department for this purpose. Its official website is www.uidai.gov.in. However, for application and online appointment purpose appointments.uidai.gov.in is used.

Aadhaar Online Registration:

The aadhaar is the proof of identity. It is one of its kind because it has a unique 12 digit number. This unique number is called Aadhar Card Number. After Aadhaar online registration, one can download the Eaadhar Card. This can be used as duplicate also. Click on the link to know the process.

One can link his/her bank account with the card. This will enable him/her to get government subsidies in the bank account. All the fake voter ids will be exposed due the unique card number.

aadhar card registration

So now let’s see what the procedure of Aadhar Card Registration is. Before that, please remember UIDAI Card is free of cost. So do not pay for the Aadhar Card From or any other thing.

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Aadhar Card Application:

To enroll, you have to visit the enrollment center. Aadhar card has the fingerprint and iris scan data. This makes it unique from the other identity cards. Since one cannot send these biometric data from home; they need to come to the center.

So what are the things that you need to before Aadhar Application? To answer that, we have provided the list of things you need below.

  • All the applicants need to have an original proof of identity with its photocopy.
  • Proof of address with photocopy is also necessary.
  • Date of birth proof is also required.
  • Passport, pan card, voter id, driving license, kissan photo passbook, ration card, and voter id are some valid proof of identity.
  • Electricity bill, water bill, credit card statement, bank passbook, and insurance policy will come under address proof.
  • You do not need the document if you have a family member or introducer.

So if you have any of the above items, you can enroll for the UID Card. Even small children can apply for aadhar card. So let’s check the steps of the application now.

How to apply for aadhar card:

Here we will have a quick discussion on the steps of application. If you do not understand something, we are open for discussion. You will find a comment box below, post your comments in that.

  1. Online Aadhar Card Form – The first step is to download the aadhar card form. Visit the Aadhar Official Website for downloading. The alternate way is to download it directly here.
  2. Locate enrollment center – Enrollment center is present in every state in the country. One has to submit the Aadhar Car Registration Form Click here to find a center near your house.
  3. Appointment booking – The official website for booking appointment is uidai.gov.in. We have explained the process of appointment booking in this article.
  4. Visiting Enrollment Center – If you have booked your appointment, report at the venue at the correct time and date. You can visit the center any time on working days without appointment also. The staff will take iris scan and fingerprint scan. They will also check your documents.

In the end, you will receive a slip. This is called the acknowledgment slip. It has the 28 digit enrollment id (EID). Keep it very safely as this will help to check aadhar card status. It takes 90 days to process the application and send the card to the permanent address.

Aadhar Card From:

A lot of people are asking, where to get aadhar card? The answer is that it will come to your house. Still, if you do not receive it within 90 days, you can download it online. Are you looking for the aadhar form? Check the step 1 to download it. Check how to fill the adhar card from below.

  • Once you have the aadhar card from, take its printout.
  • Do not fill EID no if you are applying for the first time.
  • This form is also used for aadhar card correction.
  • So fill only the details you have.
  • Fill your permanent mobile number.
  • You can recover your lost enrollment number with the mobile number.
  • Children under age 5 need to fill the details in step 7 of the form. Others can skip this step is they wish.
  • Select the verification type in the adhar card from.
  • If you have an introducer or head of family with aadhaar card, fill their number in the form.
  • In steps 8 and 9 of the form tick mark at the appropriate place.

Online appointment for aadhar card registration:

First, you need to locate enrollment center near your house. Check the step 2 above for the locator. The link will take to the new website. You will find the aadhar card issuing authority there.

  • The first step is to go to the appointment website.
  • You can go to the official website directly by clicking here.
  • Fill the details on the page.
  • You need to select the enrolment center next.
  • Now select the date and time of your convenience.
  • At last, click on Fix Appointment button.

Check Official website: appointments.uidai.gov.in

Now you are all set to apply. Do not forget to take the documents with yourself. Once you get the receipt after registration, do not misplace it.

Online aadhar card form:

We have provided all the details of the aadhar card application on this website. Hope now you will not face any problem with the aadhar card registration. Check the list of acceptable address proof and id proof in the aadhar card form. You can comment below if you have any question. Check the other article on this website for more information.


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