Aadhaar Card for NRI & OCI, Documents Required for Registration & Other Information

Today we will tell about aadhaar card for NRI and foreigners in India. NRI and OCI people can apply for aadhar card in the same way as any Indian. We have the list of documents required for address proof, identity proof, age proof and others in this article. Today adhar card is required in many things including bank accounts. Hence, foreign people and NRIs are searching for the UID card enrollment process. We provide the information on how to register, check status, update/correct, download duplicate and other things.

Documents of Proof:

A lot of people are searching for the valid documents required for registration. The applicants must have the following proofs:-

  • Proof of identity
  • Date of birth proof
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of relationship (in case of introduction)

We have the list of documents that qualify as the above category below. You can also download the list form the official website of UIDAI.

Once you have the required documents you can proceed with the enrollment process. We have a detailed article on aadhaar registration on this website. Read it properly to know the process.

aadhaar card for nri

About Aadhaar Card:

The Indian government started the unique identification programme many years ago. It has become a valid and unique proof of identification in India.

UIDAI is a government organization formed to make adhar card and maintain the aadhaar data. All the process related to this card is digital.

UIDAI gives unique 12 digit number to the citizens. They store all the demographic data of the people. This also includes biometric information like iris print and fingerprint.

The use of biometric data restricts people from making duplicate or fake adhar card. Hence this enables government to get rid of fake accounts.

Therefore the government is slowly making the aadhar card mandatory in various places. Today you need it to get benefits from many government schemes which are meant for public welfare.

Almost 90% of the Indian population has enrolled for this card. If you are not residing in India, then you can enroll whenever you visit India.

Registration Process for NRI & OCI:

NRI and OCI people who want to apply for aadhar card need to visit the enrollment center to do so. A lot of website claim to tell about how to apply online.

However, this is not possible. One needs to be present physically to enroll for the card. The registration needs the iris print and finger print data.

Since recording these data is not possible online, physical presence is a must. The official website has the list of all the enrollment center present in the country.

Hence, visit the center with all the required documents. The staff in the center will verify the original documents then start the process.

Enrollment process will not take long time. Once everything is complete you will receive an acknowledgement slip.

It is very important to preserve this slip. The slip has enrollment number and other details. Keep it safely till you receive your aadhar card for OCI or NRI.

You can check aadhar status and download aadhaar card using the enrollment number. So do not lose the slip.

List of Required Documents:

You can have one of the following documents in each category to apply. Click on the link below to fee the full list.

Proof of Identity – Passport, PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Government/PSU Photo ID, ID certificate from Tehsildar or Gazetted Officer and others.

Proof of Address – Passport, Ration Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Government/PSU Photo ID, Electricity bill, Water bill, Landline bill, Gas connection bill, Bank Passbook, Credit card statement, Passport of spouse and others.

DOB Proof – Passport, PAN Card, Birth certificate, Government/PSU Photo ID and others.

If you do not have any of the above documents you can still apply by showing relationship with someone who has an aadhaar card. This is called introducer based or head of family based.

The following documents can prove the relationship with head of family –

  • Pension card
  • PDS card
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

To see the full list of the valid documents click here.

So that’s all the information any OCI, NRI or Foreigner need. We hope this will help the people who are looking for enrollment in UID card.

If you still have any question on aadhaar card for NRI then comment below. We will try to provide solution as soon as possible.

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