A lot of people are searching for Aadhar Card Official Website, Aadhar Card Status, application form, and many other queries.  We answer all the above queries on this website. People will know everything they should know about this initiative. First, we will discuss what Aadhar Card is.

It is just an identity card of an individual. Anyone can get this identity proof. It is valid in every government and non-government area as a proof of identity. Every adhar card holder will get a unique identification number. This is called Aadhar Card Number. This number is printed on the UIDAI Card. It also has a QR code on it. One can scan the QR code to ensure its originality. We will discuss the benefits and importance of this card later in this article.

The card has biometric details of the person also. Fingerprint, iris scan, and photograph are taken when one applies for the Aadhaar Card. One needs to show his/her residence proof, birth proof, and other original documents.  Citizens can avail government schemes and subsidies through this card. Let’s see the how it looks.

The card has all the personal details on the front. Name, sex, date of birth, photo and QR code is present there. The back side has the address and father’s name. People can use this in place of voter id also. Now, one can link this to the voter id also. This will eliminate fake voter ids in the country.


Here we will give a small introduction of UIDAI. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a government organization. The planning commission of India established it in 2009. The Aadhar Card Official Website is www.uidai.gov.in. People can visit this for registration, application, status enquiry, and download.

People face problem in checking the status and other things. We merely provide resolution of these problems. Please note that we do not provide aadhar card number. We are not authorized to check aadhar card information. Read our privacy policy and about us for details.


UIDAI is the sole organization which handles the aadhar data. People can download the application form from their website. Later we will discuss more on the application part. Please note that UIDAI does not charge for the registration. So do not pay anyone for the service. We will also teach how to check aadhar card status online on the Official Website. So read this article further for such details.

Aadhar Card Registration

We will have a quick discussion on the application here. If you don’t have the Aadhar identity, you should apply for one now. There is no application fee. People can get the enrollment form online or offline. Visit the Aadhar Official Website to get the form online. Alternatively, one can visit enrollment center to get it.

How to Enroll for Aadhar Card

Once you have the form, you need to fill it. We advise all to avoid overwriting and cutting while filling the form. Please note that enrollment is not an online process. One has to visit the enrollment center. Later we will help you find the nearest center.

So now you have the filled application form. Now just locate the enrollment center nearest to you. Visit the center. There is a facility of booking appointment also online. Go to the Aadhar official website to book you appointed. Reach the center at the appointed time.

Here your biometric details and photograph will be taken. After all the process you will get enrollment number or application number. This is not your Aadhar Card Number. You can use this number for Tracking. Read more about the Aadhar Registration process here.

Aadhar Card Status

This is the next step after aadhar Application. The applicants can check the status of their application on the internet. It takes 3 months to process the application and deliver the UIDAI Card. The people will get their Aadhaar Card on their address. However, if one does not receive it within the stipulated time, he/she need to contact the office of UIDAI.

How & where To Check Status of Applied Aadhar Card

You need the enrollment slip to check the status. Go to Aadhar Card Official Website. Enter your enrollment number or EID and Date of Registration to check the status. This information is in the slip. Check our article on Aadhar Card Status for more details.

Aadhar Card Download

It is very easy to download the aadhar. In case you want the E-aadhar card, you can get it from the official website. One can take a print out of the aadhar card can use it for identification. You need your registered mobile number for this process. Enter your application details and phone number on the website. After this, you will get One Time Password (OTP) on your phone. Enter the OTP to download the Eaadhar. If you need more help, check our article on Aadhar Card Download.

How to locate Aadhar Card Enrollment Centers

The enrollment centers are available in all the state. Go to the UIDAI official website for to locate the center near you. Check the list of all the centers in your state. Then check the address of each location. This way you will find the one nearest to you.

Aadhar Card Official Website



We have discussed the UIDAI. So one can check the status of his/her Aadhar card on UIDAI’s official site. The Aadhar Card official website is www.uidai.gov.in & resident.uidai.net.in. This website provides general information. We provide a link to the Aadhar Card website. We only explain the process of checking, downloading, and updating here.aadhar card official website